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Dog Friendly Walks Bridgnorth book

Dog Friendly Walks Bridgnorth
£4.99 (£1.00 P&P)

The Woodland Walk, Bridgnorth

Time 2 Hours 30 Minutes   Approx Distance 5 Miles

This stroll should put a wag in your tail and leave you dog tired at the end! This walk starts in Upper Arley which is situated 11 miles from Bridgnorth and can be reached either by road or on the dog friendly Severn Valley Railway. This lead is predominantly off lead and has a wonderful view of Trimpley Reservoir with picnic benches halfway through the walk.

1. Park by the Upper Arley footbridge and take the North Worcestershire path to the right with the river on your left. From here you can have your lead off as you walk through fields and into woodlands continuing to follow the river. Victoria Bridge - svr crosses the river. You will pass through a couple of metal gates and when (just before another metal gate) you reach a clear path ascending into Callow Hill woodland to your right take this. Squirrel chasing anyone?

2. You will see a public footpath sign and here with lead on you should turn left and follow your nose until you reach a country lane and here turn right. Walk up the hill until you arrive at a wider path (with horizontal bar across) where with your lead off turn right and walk straight on. This leads you to Seckley viewpoint of the Trimpley reservoir and a quick paw stop for refreshments at the picnic tables.

3. Continue along the path until you arrive at a crossroads (lead on) and take the public footpath directly opposite which leads you through a gate and into a field. Cross to the opposite side of the field towards a house and keep walking along the footpath to left of the house. You arrive at a gate and venture over the first stile of the walk.

The Woodland Walk map

4. Walk down the lane, pass through gate and turn right. Follow the road down past a house on your right and continue straight down with another wood on your right. Here you will spot a stair stile on your left which you need to walk over.

5. Walk through field to the opposite side, through the gate and enter into an orchard. Turn left and follow the path through the trees until you arrive at another country lane.

6. Turn right, follow the road into Upper Arley and your start point and the dog friendly Harbour Inn.

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Dog Friendly Walks South Staffordshire book

Dog Friendly Walks South Staffordshire
£4.99 (£1.00 P&P)

The Muttley Marina Walk, South Staffordshire

Time 45 Minutes   Approx Distance 2 Miles

The Samuel Barlow pub at the marina at Alvecote is a doggy oasis. Think leather sofas, water bowls and even your own menu. Menu choices range from Roast Beef to Honey Roasted Pig Snout - and that is just for us pups! The Landlords No 1 House Rule is that night or day dogs are always welcome. Sometimes I let my owners eat and drink there too and it is well worth travelling to because you will not be disappointed.

1. Alvecote Marina is situated on Robeys Lane in Alvecote which is a few minutes outside Tamworth in Staffordshire. Although technically in Warwickshire you receive such an outstanding welcome that we couldn’t resist including it in the book. Even if you are just going for a walk, rather than visiting the pub you are welcome to park in the pubs car park which is where we start our walk with our lead on.

2. From the car park cross turn left at the small bridge and cross over the road where you will see a metal gate which leads you into woodland. Here you can take your lead off.

3. You will walk through Pooley Fields Nature Reserve; a very pretty walk through some lovely woodlands. For those of you pups who like to go for a swim note that there is muddy water to your left.

4. Continue through the woods for a mile until you reach a clearing with the M42 bridge above you. Here you can take a sharp right onto the canal tow path.

The Muttley Marina Walk map

5. Walk back along the tow path to Bridge 59 and your start point where you need your lead on to cross the road.

6. In addition there is a ball throwing area opposite the pub car park.

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Dog Friendly Walks London book

Dog Friendly Walks London
£4.99 (£1.00 P&P)

The Lovely Jubbly One, London

Time 1 Hour   Approx Distance 1.5 Miles

Del Boy and Rodney wouldn’t recognise Peckham now - it’s on the up with cocktail bars perched on car park roofs and art galleries popping up everywhere. Peckham Rye Parkand Common are perfect for dogs because of the combination of open land for racing around (the Common) and wooded areas for sniffing out squirrels (the Park). Beware though - these Peckham squirrels are hard nuts and one gave Attlee a big welt along his snout for chasing him!

1. From the bus stop next to the Common on Peckham Rye Road - cross East Dulwich Road and you’re in the Common so it’s lead off time. Zig zag across the Common however you fancy towards the wooden and glass café at the top of it, on Strakers Road.

2. There are bowls of water for dogs outside Café on The Rye and picnic tables for a sunny day but sadly no hounds are allowed inside. It doesn’t matter because you’re off on your walk - facing the café with the Common behind you, turn right, past a children’s play area, and then left, through the gated entrance, into the park itself.

3. There’s a pretty little ornamental garden - take the path on the right of this and follow it as it swings right and you’re walking up an ever-so-slight incline with a wide open expanse of grass on your right and woods on your left.

4. Follow the path for about five minutes and it’ll be bisected by another path. Ignore this and carry on in the same direction to walk a bit of a loop, turning back into the woods where it curves instead of carrying on into more open land.

The Lovely Jubbly One Walk map

5. There’s a big path in front of you - turn right, and then left, through an enclosed area of formal garden with pergolas. Dogs on leads while you’re in here!

6. Turn right out of the formal gardens and follow the path to the lake. There are lots of ducks but the high fencing should make you think twice before leaping in to join them for a splash!

7. Follow the lake around to the right - keep following the path and you’re on your way back to the café. Leads on for a couple of minutes as you walk through the café car park and back on to the Common. Then you can take it off again and zig zag back across to Peckham Rye - leads on!

At the end you can lap up two highly-recommended watering holes on the opposite side of the street - The Clockhouse at 196 or The Gardens Café at 184. Both are very dog-friendly - The Clockhouse even allows us into its Jazz Nights on Saturdays so we can howl along to the music.

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Dog Friendly Walks Shrewsbury book

Dog Friendly Walks Shrewsbury
£4.99 (£1.00 P&P)

The Riverside Walk, Shrewsbury

Time 1 Hour 30 Minutes   Approx Distance 3 Miles

The River Severn runs through Shrewsbury and this is a glorious walk where you can stop on route and take as much or as little time as you wish. We usually take at least half a day and stop for lunch, ice cream and even a boat trip down the River Severn on Sabrina -

1. Start the walk at The Boathouse Inn on New Street in the centre of Shrewsbury with your lead on. The Boathouse Inn accepts dogs on its lovely patio but since refurbishment unfortunately no longer accepts dogs inside. With the river to your left walk into the Becks Field Country Heritage Park walking alongside the river. Keep your lead on as you may see some farm animals in the first field.

2. Turn right at a wooden gate signposted rural rambles where you can have your lead off and walk upwards on the path through a couple of wooden gates. There are some benches along this path to enjoy the views of the river.

3. Pass through the gate out of Becks Field and continue once again along the path putting your lead on when you appeoach Ashton Road. Walk straight on and continue along theroad turning let at some steps (easy to miss) and walk down the road and acrross the toll Kingsland Bridge which takes you to the other side of the river. Turn a sharp right and you will find yourself back along the riverside.

4. You can take your lead off to walk left along the river path until you reach the bridge steps on your left leading you (with lead on) to Greyfriar Bridge and straight onto Riverside Close. Turn right along Longden Coleham past The Crown and turn right into Kingsland Road and then Pengrove picking up the public footpath which takes you down the river.

The Riverside Walk map

5. Along here with your lead off there are some great ball throwing areas and plenty of benches. Continue walking on the public footpath past the rowing clubs and turn right over the bridge and left at the signs for Cycle Route 81. Here we usually stop for ice cream and for kids there is a playground. Prepare to put your lead on again.

6. Follow the Riverside path onto Victoria Quay where there are river cruises where dogs go free. Walk over the beautiful Welsh Bridge and take a sharp right to the river again past the Theatre through the tunnel and with your lead off past the bowling green. On reaching the boating ramp you need your lead on.

7. Walking onto Water Lane you turn left back to your start point.

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Dog Friendly Walks Ironbridge & Coalbrookdale book

Dog Friendly Walks Ironbridge & Coalbrookdale
£4.99 (£1.00 P&P)

The Ruff (Rough) Park Walk, Ironbridge & Coalbrookdale

Time 1 Hour 30 Minutes   Approx Distance 2 Miles

Ruff (Rough) Park is a large piece of land at the top of Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge which backs onto Woodside. It is perfect for taking me for a walk safely off the lad. You will usually find lots of other puppies here to sniff and paly with although my favourite is my girlfriend Molly.

1. Start your walk at the White Horse Pub at the top of the Lincoln Hill with your lead on. With the White Horse pub to your right walk up to the fop of Church Road until you come to a public footpath and follow this to the right. At this point you can take my lead off.

2. Continue along this path until you reach a crossroads with the cemetaryon your right and here take a left which leads you into Rough Park.

3. Upon entering into the park (great for ball throwing!) take a right at the picnic benches and walk straight on along the dirt path.

4. Continue to walk right around the field until you come to a sign for Woodlands which leads you down some steps into the woods.

5. At the bottom of the path you arrive at a stream and need to turn left and walk towards Coalbrookdale (an alternative is to continue to walk around the field nad you will eventually come back to where you started from.

The Ruff (Rough) Park Walk map

6. Towards the end of the path (just past the orchard) I will need my lead on as its leads you back to the centre of Coalbrookdale and the main road.

7. Take a left here and you will pass some traffic lights, the dog friendly Coalbrookdale Inn and a few metres along take a left up the steep Church Road. At the top you will reach your start point.

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