Lots of dogs on the beach = great fun!

Lots of dogs on the beach = great fun!

Last month me and baby Belle left Shropshire for our first holiday together and headed for the Welsh coast. We stayed in a fabulous dog-friendly chalet on the Woodlands Holiday Park at Bryncrug near Tywyn and had a wonderful few days visiting the local area.

One of our highlights was a day spent on Harlech beach with our dog walking group where more than 20 dogs spent the day playing in the surf and chasing each other along the miles of sand and dunes. One of the items we packed for our holiday, a doggy cooling mat, came in particularly useful on the drive back to Bryncrug from Harlech. Belle was hot and panting heavily after her fun day on the beach but she slept soundly in her crate on the cooling mat the entire way back to the chalet. She hadn’t paid the mat much attention at home before our trip but she now goes looking for it at the end of a long walk so I know she must appreciate its cooling effect. It is now a must have item for all our long walks and days out.

Our dog walking group are already planning our next trip to Wales this summer and Belle is definitely looking forward to going back to Bryncrug and playing on the beach with her friends.  If you would like more information on the dog friendly chalet then please email Karen: kababington@gmail.com

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Deborah and baby Belle

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