Ancient Woodland Adventures

Ancient Woodland AdventuresBaby Belle and I have had a busy few weeks looking after lots of doggy's and our adventures have taken us to places old and new in the hunt for new sniffs.  One of the new places we visited recently were the beautiful ancient woodlands near to Pontsbury in mid Shropshire.   Poles Coppice and Eastridge Woods are, quite simply, stunning and are criss-crossed by many pathways to explore and there are some perfect picnic spots to sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature.  Baby Belle really enjoyed her visit to these woods with her friend Harvey, who we were looking after locally, and they got incredibly filthy running around in the muddy puddles created by the downpour from the days before our visit.  I was very thankful to have worn my Dickies boots which kept my feet nice and dry but with the dogs playing and splashing in the mud I still managed to get dirty from head to toe.  I can highly recommend Dickies boots for muddy walks as I often find that whilst wellies can keep you dry they don't provide much grip for walking - especially if you have a dog who pulls on the lead!  These boots keep my feet warm and dry in all weathers and are incredibly comfortable for walking in all terrains and ensure I can stay on my feet even if Baby Belle spots a rabbit she wants to chase whilst she's still attached to her lead!  The woods at Pontsbury have now been added to our list of favourite places in Shropshire and we will be arranging to take our dog walking group there later in the summer for a day out for more exploring.  

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Kind regards,
Deborah and Baby Belle

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